Coin Flip

Heads you win, tails you lose!

v1.2.0 - V1.2.0 Azuriom v1.0

Added: input type selector (range or numbers)

Fixed : coefficient, can be less than 1.0, French translations

v1.1.3 - V1.1.3 Azuriom v1.0

Changing coin texts by icons

v1.1.2 - V1.1.2 Azuriom v1.0


  • Modal
  • Timezone
  • Translations
  • Design
  • Dividing by 0 error for stats


  • API routes
  • API controllers
v1.1.1 - Statistics update Azuriom v1.0


  • Statistics

Fixed: -Translations -Limit win rate system

v1.1.0 - limit the chance Azuriom v1.0
  • added a limit system to regulate the win rate.

  • Ajout d'un système de limite pour réguler le taux de gain.

v1.0.0 - Initial release Azuriom v1.0

This is the initial release of this resource