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Plugin to use the API of

Plugin to use the API of

Add your first server and earn 15€ credit!

You will be able to execute commands on your servers when a player follows your server, or when the hype train starts. More information on the hype train here:

Package composer: Documentation:

How to connect your server?

  1. Create an account:
  2. Create a server here:
  3. Create an API key and add it on the azuriom panel here:
  4. Check if the webhook is correctly created here:
  5. Add a reward on the user.follow event for example. You can set the chance to 100% and the limit to 1, so when a user follows your server he will necessarily receive a reward but only once.
  6. Enjoy !



  • 作者: GroupeZ
  • 类别: 插件
  • 版本: 1.0.2
  • 下载量: 1106
  • 发布: 2022/02/10 9:40
  • 更新: 2022/04/02 16:47
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