An azuriom plugin to manage issues and changelogs



An azuriom plugin to manage issues and changelogs




This is a very very first release of a plugin that aim to give ability to server administrators to manage their bugs, suggestions and changelogs in a better way

I would appreciate pull request either to improve code quality or improve and add some feature

Current features

  • Search for issue using CTRL + F
  • You or your users can create some issues from a dashboard using a markdown editor. An issue can be either a suggestion, or a bug.
  • Chose which role can post, edit, delete, or edit others issues using Azuriom permission system
  • Chose which role can answer to issues
  • Post changelog using a markdown editor.
  • Changelogs can be linked to some opened issues that will be automatically close when the changelog is posted.
  • Upload screenshot directly within the markdown editor.
  • Configure Discord webhook to notify answered issues, posted changelog, closed issues, or opened issues.
  • Automatically add a message to an issue when status change to keep track of changes
  • Define some tags that can be assigned to issues
  • Restrict which role can use defined tags


  • Download the plugin from your panel
  • Define permission. By default, nobody can post issues
  • Define tags in plugin's configuration if you need them

Incoming features

  • Discord webhook may mention discord users that did contribute to an issue using the discord-auth plugin
  • Add ability to upload images from editor
  • Add automatic messages when title changes
  • display tags in issues title
  • Improve UI, mostly text editor, to add ability to mention an issue or a changelog
  • Add filters for issues (closed/open/tag/user/search)
  • Make an issue privatable so tags role restriction also apply to visibility
  • French translation (any Pull Request on github would be appreciated)
  • Add discord bot feature to take advantage of discord threads and replace webhooks
  • Add azuriom notification



  • Auteur: magrigri
  • Type: Plugin
  • Version: 1.4.2
  • Téléchargements: 550
  • Ajouté: 5 septembre 2021 à 11:06
  • Mis à jour: 17 octobre 2021 à 18:25
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