Discord Auth

Implement a discord authentication

v1.4.0 - German language Azuriom v1.0

Update German language (translated by Caaruzo)

v1.3.9 - Fix login & avatar Azuriom v1.0
  • Fix unknown redirect_uri
  • Fix avatar when user doesn't have one on discord
v1.3.8 - Fix login bug Azuriom v1.0
  • Login issue with existing accounts fixed
v1.3.7 - Avatar fix Azuriom v1.0
  • Remove existing avatar at each connection if disabled
v1.3.6 - Update to Laravel 10 Azuriom v1.0
  • Compatibility with Laravel 10
  • Code redesign
  • Username page after registration fix
  • Discord avatar added
v1.3.5 - Updating credits Azuriom v1.0

Github link & author

v1.3.4 - Multiple changes Azuriom v1.0
  • Fix all known 500 errors.
  • Routes no longer accessible via their link (except for login).
  • If the user hasn't chosen his nickname, it will ask him each time he logs in.
  • Possibility of adding an invitation link in the plugin settings.
  • Added "Join the discord server" & "I joined the discord server" buttons on the guild view.
v1.3.3 - Ukrainian language Azuriom v1.0
  • Add Ukrainian language (translated by xlanyleeet)
v1.3.2 - Discord Auth Azuriom v1.0
  • Update to Azuriom V1
  • Improvement the administrator interface of the plugin
v1.3.1 - Handle null email address Legacy

Handle null email address

v1.3.0 - Fix vendor Legacy

Fix vendor

v1.3.0 - Remember authenticated users Legacy
v1.2.0 - German language Legacy
v1.2.0 - Add blade directive to know if account is linked Legacy
  • add blade directive hasDiscordLinked and hasNotDiscordLinked


     @plugin('discord-auth') {{-- if plugin discord-auth is enabled --}}
           @guest  {{-- if user is not authenticated --}}
                 <a href="{{ route('discord-auth.login') }}">Connect with discord
     @plugin('discord-auth') {{-- if plugin discord-auth is enabled --}}
           @auth  {{-- if user is authenticated --}}
                @hasNotDiscordLinked {{-- if user hasn't a discord account linked --}}
                     <a href="{{ route('discord-auth.login') }}">Link your account with Discord
v1.1.0 - Account association Legacy
  • Ability for a user to associate his discord account to his existing account. Users just need to access the /discord-auth route when they are logged in.
  • If a user is not logged, try to login via discord, and the email address of the discord account already exists in Azuriom database, he will be asked to log in to this account using the concerned email and password to associate his discord account.
v1.0.0 - Initial release Legacy

This is the initial release of this resource