DarkMoon Template

DarkMoon theme [NEW CUSTOM COLORS PICKERS] [8 colors, +20 options settings, multiple design for vote page]

if you have any problem contact me on discord: Sloyni#1405

Available in English and French

Multiple color option (8 colors + 2 CUSTOM COLORS) : Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Aqua and Pink, NEW CUSTOM COLORS !

+20 option settings !

  • Colors settings
  • Custom colors settings
  • Vote page design selection (2 option)
  • Header description
  • Header copy ip
  • Presentation section (show or hide)
  • Video presentation
  • Description of the presentation
  • News (show or hide)
  • Enable or disable the slide on news
  • Enable or disable the socials widgets
  • Discord server id (for widget)
  • Twitter name (for widget)
  • Podiom on vote page (show or hide)
  • Statistics (show or hide)
  • Statistics -> online player (automatic, this displays the value you put in the configuration)
  • Statistics -> set number of unique players (not automatic / "fake stat", this displays the value you put in the configuration)
  • Statistics -> set record of connected (not automatic / "fake stat", this displays the value you put in the configuration)
  • Set social network (Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Steam, TeamSpeak and Instagram)
  • Activate or deactivate the block "Join the x Connected players!"
  • Links below copyright
  • Links to the right of copyright

A copyright / mention "made with <3 by captain34 & Sloyni" is placed at the bottom of the site, this cannot be removed! The word "captain34" is a link that redirects to my twitter.

Screenshots :

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