Azuriom BugTracker Plugin

With this plugin you can give your visitors a possible kit to report and collect bugs. No matter if you use it as a normal bug tracker or as a bug tracker for your game servers. The gameserver option can be activated in the settings of the bugtracker. In addition, the plugin also has a Discord connection for webhooks. So you can be notified on the Discord when a new report was created.

In addition, users can vote for reports (Liken / vote).

⚠️ Inactive

This plugin is currently inactive, it should work fine, but no updates will be posted.


This extension can no longer be purchased.
Paid extensions are made by third-party developers and Azuriom does not take any commission on sales.


  • 作者: InactiveExtensions
  • 类别: 插件
  • 版本: 1.0.14
  • 下载量: 306
  • 发布: 2023/07/30 16:01
  • 更新: 2024/04/01 12:24