Web interface for the Negativity anticheat

v1.1.0 - Added warns Azuriom v1.0

Now, warns are showed. Bans/oldbans header buttons are fixed.

v1.0.2 - New pager, search bar and mobile fixed Azuriom v1.0
  • Change pager to the same as global one
  • Add search bar on top
  • Better support of mobile
v1.0.1 - Missing one message and wrong type of input Azuriom v1.0

The password input in the admin part is now a password. Some missing messages have been added. Removed unused things

v1.0.0 - Fix settings Azuriom v1.0

Fix requested things by MrMicky

v1.0.0 - Initial release Azuriom v1.0

First release. This version should support Negativity v1 (not tested). It can be dropped in next release.