For a legal business, you will need this plugin

----Be careful----

I'm not an accountant nor have a server myself so the plugin will evolve with the feedback I get.

If you have any recomendations after purchase, feel free to send me a private message on Discord: Jav#7775


The plugin shop has two modes, one using points and the other using directly FIAT currencies like $ or €

The invoicepro plugin works for both modes. if you use points, invoices will be generated only if an user buy points through an offer

The plugin is flexible you can add any informations you need in the red boxes, you will find the fields in the settings section of the plugin

This template can be replaced with a custom theme, just like you would do for any Azuriom views ressources/theme/CUSTOM_THEME/views/plugins/invoicepro/invoice/default.blade.php

It has translation for : en, fr (more will come if it's needed


Paid extensions are made by third-party developers and Azuriom does not take any commission on sales.


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  • Type: Plugin
  • Versie: 1.0.10
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  • Bijgewerkt: juni 1, 2024 at 3:46 's middags