Aurora theme

v1.1.3 - release
  1. fix faq plugin view
  2. fix missing place to use a gift card
v1.1.2 - release

Update support plugin ticket creation view

v1.1.1 - release
  1. fix missing french translation
  2. small fixes
v1.1.0 - release
  1. add some english translation mistakes
  2. add notification
  3. restore default css style for : paragraph and list
  4. fix error "Undefined variable $PunishmentHistory" error in the "AdvancedBan" plugin view
  5. fix "wiki" plugin view
v1.0.2 - release
  • Shop
    • sub categories
    • payments history
  • Vote
    • Ipv6 patch
v1.0.1 - release

Forum labels

v1.0.0 - Initial release

This is the initial release of this resource