An Azuriom plugin to integrate AdvancedBan.

v2.3.1 - 2.3.1 Azuriom v1.0
  • fix: keep search query when paginating
v2.3.0 - 2.3.0 Azuriom v1.0
  • feat: make permission check toggleable
  • feat: check database details when saving settings
  • feat: make route input more intuitive
v2.2.1 - 2.2.1 Azuriom v1.0

Added russian language thanks to @AlexRahvalov (

v2.2.0 - 2.2.0 Azuriom v1.0
v2.1.0 - 2.1.0 Azuriom v1.0
  • Add permission to view punishment list
  • Add support for custom route
v2.0.1 - 2.0.1 Azuriom v1.0

Deleted very bad code!

v2.0.0 - 2.0.0 Azuriom v1.0

Updated for Azuriom v1.x!

v1.0.7 - 1.0.7 Legacy

Add support to change tables names

v1.0.6 - 1.0.6 Legacy

Fixed DB import

v1.0.5 - 1.0.5 Legacy

Added search and pagination features.

v1.0.4 - 1.0.4 Legacy

A lot of cleanup and switch to crafthead API!

v1.0.3 - 1.0.3 Legacy

Minor update:

  • Localize some text
  • Make the punishment table responsive
v1.0.2 - Add a settings page for database credentials Legacy
  • Add a settings page for database credentials
v1.0.1 - Fix Legacy


v1.0.0 - Initial release Legacy

This is the initial release of this resource