Add a skin API for your Minecraft launchers

v1.0.4 - Fix avatar urls for discord embed Azuriom v1.0

Fix avatar urls for discord embed

v1.0.3 - Fix update endpoint Azuriom v1.0

Fix update endpoint

v1.0.2 - Add second layer to skin Azuriom v1.0

Thanks Parad1seF0x

v1.0.1 - Permissions and plugin faces! Azuriom v1.0

In this update, user faces will now show as avatars and the plugin have now admin permissions!

Thanks Oximov for the permissions!

v1.0.0 - check if gd extension is loaded Azuriom v1.0

check if gd extension is loaded

v1.0.0 - Update to Azuriom v1 + head avatars Azuriom v1.0

/!\ The routes have been updated to /api/skin-api/... instead on /api/skins

In this update you will find 2 new api routes to show your user's heads.

GET /api/skin-api/avatars/combo/{user_id} GET /api/skin-api/avatars/face/{user_id}

You will be able to see the difference in the admin panel

v0.1.4 - Supports ".png" in URL Legacy
  • Supports ".png" in URL
  • Fix render on Firefox
v0.1.3 - Add link to user navigation Legacy
  • Add link to user navigation
v0.1.2 - Add translations and more Legacy
  • Add skin preview
  • Add translations
  • Add support to search skin by username
  • Add configurable skin dimensions
  • Prevent error when the user change his skin when he is not logged in
  • Use PSR compatible names
  • Remove unused code
v0.1.1 - remove 'Content-Disposition:attachment' Legacy


v0.1.0 - Initial release Legacy

This is the initial release of this resource