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A nice and simple forum for Azuriom.

v0.1.21 - Improvements


v0.1.20 - Improve BBCode
  • Improve BBCode
v0.1.19 - Fix some issues with BBCode
  • Fix some issues with BBCode
v0.1.18 - Fix formatting
  • Fix formatting
v0.1.17 - Fix pagination order
  • Fix pagination order
v0.1.16 - Add full BBCode support
  • Add full BBCode support
v0.1.15 - Add experimental BBCode support
  • Add experimental BBCode support

Please note BBCode is currently an experimental feature, old forum posts won't be converted to BBCode for now so it's just for testing If you still want to use it, you can enable experimental BBCode support by adding a line in the settings table of your database with the folowing: name: forum.editor value: bbcode You can also use the following SQL query if you want : INSERT INTO settings (name, value) VALUES ('forum.editor', 'bbcode');. Then, just clear the cache in Settings -> Performances

v0.1.14 - Add users mentions

Add users mentions

v0.1.12 - Add tags and signature
  • Add tags
  • Add signature
v0.1.11 - Add private forums

Add private forums

v0.1.10 - Fix lock/pin permission
  • Fix lock/pin permission
v0.1.9 - Make Twitter/Discord optional on user profile
  • Make Twitter/Discord optional on user profile
v0.1.9 - Add user profile
  • Add user profile
v0.1.8 - Fix some translations
  • Fix some translations
v0.1.7 - Misc
  • Customizable forum icon
  • Add option to lock a forum
  • Add latest posts on home forum page
  • Hide subforums on forum home
  • Forum description is now optional
  • Small design improvements
v0.1.6 - Add subcategories
  • Add subcategories
  • Performances optimisations
v0.1.5 - Misc fix
  • Fix deleting posts and discussions
  • Allow admin to add responses to locked discussions
  • Hide edit and delete buttons on locked discussions for non-admin users
  • Fix translation in admin panel
v0.1.4 - Fix
  • Fix error 500
  • Fix discussion creation
  • Fix mesage
v0.1.3 - Forum 0.1.3
  • Add online users
  • Add forum stats
  • Add post creation time
v0.1.2 - Misc fix

Misc fix:

  • Fix categories positions
  • Fix missing translations
  • Fix error 500
v0.1.1 - Fix for release

Fix for release

v0.1.0 - Initial release

This is the initial release of this resource