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A dark theme with configurable color.

v0.1.8 - Fix ip

Fix ip

v0.1.7 - Add user navigation & change hcaptcha color

Add user navigation & change hcaptcha color

v0.1.6 - Add more social networks

Add more social networks

v0.1.5 - Update


v0.1.4 - Version 0.1.4
  • Make title optional
  • Add Steam to social links
  • Improve accessibility
  • Fix meta
  • Fix players display when server is offline
  • Fix 2FA page
v0.1.3 - Make title optional

Make title optional

v0.1.2 - Misc improvements

Misc improvements

  • Add notifications
  • Add configurable title
  • Add option to hide the server ip and replace it with a "play" button
  • Open social links in a new tab
  • Copy the server ip on click
  • Fix forum style
v0.1.1 - Add footer links config

Add footer links config

v0.1.0 - Initial release

This is the initial release of this resource