Cryptomus Payment Gateway

Accept payments in over 15 different cryptocurrencies, giving customers unlimited freedom of choice.

Cryptomus the most convenient crypto payments for your business. Accept crypto payments with us. Description Expand the payment options for your customers in a modern and convenient way crypto plugin from Cryptomus! Accept payments in over 15 different cryptocurrencies, giving customers unlimited freedom of choice.

With Cryptomus, everyone can easily pay for purchases with cryptocurrency using their personal wallet and without wasting much time on registration.

We have created an intuitive interface and flexible functionality to provide users with high speed and ease of operation of our plugin.

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Сryptomus Plugin Features

  • Fast cryptocurrency payments. Transactions take only a few minutes.
  • Convenient conversion. It is possible to enter the price in your preferred fiat currency. The further amount in cryptocurrency will be automatically calculated in real time based on the current exchange rates.
  • The economical choice. The transaction fee ranges from 0.4% to 2%, without periodic or installation fees.
  • Support for popular digital currencies. USDT/ETH/BTC/LTC and many other cryptocurrencies are available. If you haven't found the desired coin, you can leave a request in your personal account.
  • Automatic output function. Set the required time interval and your funds will be withdrawn automatically.
  • A simple interface that will be understandable to everyone.
  • Reliable customer support service which is available around the clock and always ready to help you in case of difficulties.

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Why do people choose Cryptomus

  • No hidden fees
  • Wide availability of the platform in all countries of the world
  • Support for over 15 popular cryptocurrencies.
  • P2P transactions without commission
  • High level of security
  • Customer care. Our support is active 24/7

The client's path while using the Cryptomus plugin

  1. The client chooses Cryptomus as the payment method.
  2. Next, he goes to the payment page, where the client can select the coin and network he needs to make the transaction. It is given 3 hours to pay for a specific invoice.
  3. The confirmation page will appear as soon as the transaction is approved.

Useful resources

Official website: Cryptomus

Telegram channel: Telegram

Logo Guidelines: Brand-Guideline

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  • Author: Cryptomus
  • Type: Plugin
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Downloads: 76
  • Released: March 27, 2024 at 8:33 AM
  • Updated: March 28, 2024 at 10:56 AM