Toncoin Payment

Adds support for TON cryptocurrency

This plugin helps you receive Toncoins on your website.

Plugin features:

  • Plugin checks every minute the public API for successful payments in your wallet.
  • Plugin deletes pending TON payments after 12 hours (prevent large list of payments to being checked).
  • You need to specify the exchange rate of Toncoin to your chosen currency.

I have an idea how to improve plugin by using TON Connect, so if plugin is needed by the community, I'll do it.


  • Option to enable page with instructions how to pay (If customer doesn't have tonkeeper)
  • Integration with

Want custom payment gateway? - Write to me / Нужен кастомный способ оплаты? - Напишите мне

@gru__ (Discord)



  • 作者: Gru
  • 类别: 插件
  • 版本: 1.1.0
  • 下载量: 102
  • 发布: 2023/11/05 4:59
  • 更新: 2023/12/17 5:05
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