Send automated messages on your discord or game server ! (This plugin requires Cron jobs)

v1.2.5 - fix command + migration for sqlite


v1.2.4 - Add permission to the admin dashboard

Before any roles which had access to the admin dashboard could see and use the marketing plugin.

Now only admins and said ones can access it.

v1.2.3 - Introducing triggers

In this update you will be able to listen for any events fired in the CMS. Want to know when a Azuriom\Plugin\Shop\Events\PaymentPaid happens ? when a Azuriom\Plugin\Shop\Events\PackageDelivered happens ?

You will be able to map events to multiple Advertisements. Send a message on your discord server and/or in-game.

v1.2.2 - Fix discord webhook


v1.2.1 - Add default type on create


v1.2.0 - Use Azuriom tinyMCE + data migration

/!\ CAREFUL /!\

Your previous advertisements will keep running until you try to modify and save.

Since TinyMCE and ckEditor are not functionning the same way when it comes to handling HTML I prefered to erase the previous html to start anew.

If you had previously created advertisements, don't worry they will keep running, however you will see them empty, if you want to modify them you'll need to write the text again.

v1.1 - Update of plugin.json

Add id in plugin.json

v1.0 - Initial release

This is the initial release of this resource